The myth of the five senses, the magic circle and virtual reality

You were no doubt taught it early in school: we have five senses, what is a sense? It is a set of sensors that send a signal to our brain, which is what we use to collect information about the world around and how our body exists there.

Then there is the sight (well, the central vision, the peripheral vision, the color vision, the capture of space, distance, speed)… So, sorry, there are the sights or the different senses related to sight, hearing (well, sound capture, but also the balance by the inner ear, the capture of ambient pressure ...), oh yes, sorry, there are the gills, the touch ...the touches sorry (pressure, pain, heat, humidity, cold, itch, etc.)

No, we don't have five senses, but up to 21 which allows us to say “I'm hungry, I'm thirsty, I'm hot, this thing is heavy, I feel bloated” or even “my arm is there and I know it without having to look ”because we have senses to capture the reality that surrounds us.

Virtual reality and stiff neck

Virtual reality and stiff neck

Maybe you've heard of virtual reality? The idea that by putting a helmet screen over our eyes, we can look as though through a window, freely turning our head inside a virtual world; I did a little illustration for you (and then it gives me an opportunity to show my vacation photos).

Posted Date: 2020-12-27

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